Tuesday, 23 September 2014


A commercial place  interior designer is the professional who will create and direct the construction or renovation of commercial spaces. Chennai Interior Decors  design teams are specialized for providing an elegant interior design for commercial places  such as show rooms, parlors, restaurants, school furnishing and interior, college furnishing and interior , auditorium.Our design professionals are specialized for  selecting the materials, layout, space distribution, interior walls arrangement and serve as liaison between all related professionals working in the construction project.
In addition they  will be planning the decoration and themes to work around your space, including some architectural knowledge and will help to create functional and proper space distribution within commercial  space. Chennai Interior Decors design team  will start providing services from the conceptual stages and planning of your construction project. Our in-house designing and consultancy team have been trained in this area and have been exposed to a variety of applications and are therefore geared to offer a range of solutions based on needs and your budget.

Our office address:
Chennai Interior Decors
#61 ,3rd Floor,Arcot Road,
Kodambakkam,Chennai -24

web : http://www.chennaiinteriordecors.com

Phone :  044 – 23725748,24734748
Mobile : +91 9444967789

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